8624-704 Establish Organisational Governance Controls 

8624-704 Establish Organisational Governance Controls  is a unit in ILM Level 7 NVQ Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership. It focuses on the development of knowledge and skills required to set up controls within an organization to ensure it adheres to good governance practices.

Unit aim(s)

This unit teaches you how to set up rules and systems for how your organization runs. By the end, you’ll know about following the rules and what happens when you don’t. You’ll also learn about the laws and regulations that affect businesses. Plus, you’ll be able to create these rules and systems yourself.

Learning Outcome

By the end of this unit, you will:

  1. Understand why it’s important to follow rules and what happens if you don’t in an organization.
  2. Know about the laws and regulations that businesses need to follow.
  3. Be able to create rules and systems to make sure everything runs smoothly in an organization.

Task 1

AC 1.1 Analyse the scope and types of compliance and non-compliance

AC 1.2 Evaluate the seriousness of instances of non-compliance

AC 1.3 Assess the way in which the structure and culture of an organisation influences attitudes to compliance

Task 2

AC 2.1 Appraise different models of governance structures and their implications

AC 2.2 Analyse the roles of those within an organisation’s governing body

AC 2.3 Analyse the legal and regulatory requirements for a range of statutory reports

AC 2.4 Analyse an organisation’s potential scope of non-compliance

AC 2.5 Analyse the responsibility for individual and corporate non-compliance

AC 2.6 Clarify the distinctions between statutory and regulatory requirements and codes of practice

AC 2.7 Appraise the role of overseas bodies and their influence on an organisation’s business

AC 2.8 Evaluate the concept, application and implications of good governance

Task 3

AC 3.1 Analyse an organisation’s governance requirements for legal, regulatory, ethical and social matters

AC 3.2 Establish controls that are capable of ensuring the probity of an organisation’s activities

AC 3.3 Resolve tensions between an organisation’s governance requirements and those of its stakeholders

AC 3.4 Analyse the extent of an organisation’s compliance with legal requirements and assess the potential consequences

AC 3.5 Take action commensurate with the nature of the non-compliance and associated consequences

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