Song lyrics analysis


Songs often use many of the same literary techniques as poems, painting vivid pictures and emotions. To
practice the literary terminology reviewed in this module, you will choose a song that explores the theme of
culture or identity, then you will create a Discussion Board thread discussing your selection.

Locate and examine printed or digital text (CO 1)
Identify literary devices (CO 1, CO 2, CO 3)
Analyze literary themes (CO3)
Demonstrate understanding of material (CO 3)
Demonstrate effective use of digital tools to create an original response (CO 4)
Select a song lyric focused on culture and/or identity and discuss how this theme is presented. Include discussion
of at least two literary devices used in the song, such as metaphor or alliteration, and explain how these devices
contribute to its theme. You are welcome to choose your own song, but you will also find song recommendations
within the module.

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