Family Collage

Engage the family in creating a collage that represents their family identity, values, and experiences. Provide them with materials such as magazines, newspapers, photos, scissors, glue, and a large piece of paper or poster board. Observe their interactions, communication, and decision-making processes as they work on the collage together.

Observations based on the Calgary Assessment Model:
– Verbal communication: The family members speak a mix of Farsi and English. The parents tend to use more Farsi, while the children use more English. Communication is generally respectful and clear.
– Nonverbal communication: Family members show affection through physical touch, such as hugs and hand-holding. Eye contact is consistent, and they appear engaged with one another.
– Emotional expression: The family openly expresses a range of emotions, from laughter to tears, as they share memories and experiences while creating the collage.
– Problem-solving: The parents encourage the children to contribute ideas and opinions. They work together to make decisions about the collage’s content and layout.
– Role allocation and power distribution: The parents provide guidance and direction, but the children are actively involved in the process. The family appears to have a balanced power distribution.

Family Power Diagram:
Create a visual representation of the power hierarchy within the family. In this case, you might show the parents at the top, with the children slightly below, indicating a balanced distribution of power and shared decision-making.

Family Attachment Diagram:
Illustrate the emotional bonds between family members using a diagram with connecting lines. In this example, you might show strong, supportive connections between all family members, with a particularly close bond between the siblings.

Discussion Questions:
1. What values or experiences do you feel are most important to your family’s identity?
2. How do you typically make decisions as a family?
3. How do your cultural background and immigration experience influence your family’s communication and relationships?
4. What strategies does your family use to cope with challenges or disagreements?

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