Word Hands-On

After studying the module content and suggested resources, create a document in MS Word in which you:
1. Make a quick search about different types of online fraud.
2. Use different sources to craft an essay where you explain how database management, data mining, its role, and database management systems play a role in the selected type of fraud
3. You should organize your written work into the following sections:
a. Cover page
b. Table of Contents
c. Introduction
d. Body (subtopics)
e. Conclusion
f. References
3. Explore the options in the Word program to create the following elements in the document:
a. The document must contain a minimum of (five) pages and a maximum of 10 pages.
b. 1st page: Cover page (include your information, essay title, etc.)
c. 2nd page: Automatic table of contents (must demonstrate the use of the Word tool to create automatic tables of contents).
d. 3rd page: Organize and format content using at least (three) different text

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