Leadership Model Analysis Draft: Implementing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Initiatives in Family-Serving Organizations.

Your paper should include these elements: Scholarly review and analysis: Compare and contrast three leadership models relevant to your current or future professional field, including a review of each model’s development and its relative effectiveness, and how other models have had impact on your selected models. Identify how the chosen models are similar or different and support or contradict each other. It is suggested that you utilize models that most closely reflect your own leadership style or area of interest. Practical application: Identify an organizational problem or issue within your current or future professional field. Analyze the problem from the perspective of each of the three leadership models and make recommendations for addressing the problem or issue based on each model. Scholarly research critique: Evaluate methodological approaches to leadership research in the studies you have gathered. What do you see as strengths and weaknesses of the studies you used to inform and support your project? Review the recommendations for future research made in each study and make additional recommendations for future research to expand upon or develop new leadership models. Scholarly communication style: Support your findings primarily through peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles along with relevant information in your textbook and any relevant completed dissertations. Write in a professional, scholarly style using current APA format. Minimum of 10 peer-reviewed references . 15–20 pages (including title, table of contents, and reference pages).